Study Abroad

This program opens a world of opportunities for CALS students. Studying abroad immerses you in an unfamiliar world with different cultures, languages, and environments. This experience helps you become more marketable to employers and provides numerous intangible life skills. It also teaches you to appreciate and embrace diversity firsthand. A survey by the Institute for the International Education of Students found that study abroad positively and unequivocally influences the career path, world-view, and self-confidence of students.

Consider adding value to your CALS degree with an International Studies in Agiculture Minor.

Find out more about Study Abroad and opportunities available for CALS students at the Office of Study Abroad in the International Institute

For CALS students:
Step 1: Visit the Steps to Study Abroad website:

Step 2: Complete the General Scholarship Application in myState > Banner. You can view the instructions here.

Step 3: Fill out the study abroad scholarship form.

  • Spring Study Abroad Deadline: October 31
  • Summer Study Abroad Deadline: March 15

For CALS Faculty: Interested in developing a study abroad program for CALS students? Get started by clicking here for more information.