Undergraduate Research

The College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Undergraduate Research Scholars program is an immersive experience designed to engage undergraduate scholars in research and creative activities beyond the traditional undergraduate curriculum. In this 12-month experience undergraduate students will work as a junior colleague within a faculty scholar/mentor's research program to discover new knowledge, enhance their discipline-specific expertise, and gain critical thinking skills.

Project Spotlight

The impacts of windrowing on poultry litter quality in a sprinkler environment

Dana Dittoe

Dana Dittoe sought to determine if windrowing, an in-house poultry management practice, impacts litter quality when a broiler house utilizes sprinklers. She set up one control and three windrowing treatments at a broiler house that had been sprinkled with water. Litter from each plot was analyzed for moisture, pH, particle size, nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium and ammonia over a period of 20 days. She determined that windrowing when broiler houses are sprinkled with water changes the environment. Dittoe is a senior in the Department of Poultry Science is under the direction of Dr. Aaron Kiess, associate professor in the Department of Poultry Science.

Author: Dana Dittoe