International Studies in Agriculture Minor

The International Studies in Agriculture minor within the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences is being offered to allow students to enhance their knowledge of an interdependent global food system, the impacts of international agricultural technologies and systems, and the various agricultural educational systems around the world as well as develop skills needed in a global economy. Students will be prepared to make decisions, communicate effectively, and lead in a culturally diverse agricultural environment. Students must complete a minimum of 21 hours from a list of approved courses.

Students seeking the International Studies in Agriculture minor will be required to complete the following courses:


  • GA/AELC 2103 International Studies in Agricultural Systems
  • AELC 4503 International Agricultural Education
  • FLX 1113 Foreign Language I (Spanish, German, Italian, Greek, Latin, Russian, etc.)
  • FLX 1123 Foreign Language II (Spanish, German, Italian, Greek, Latin, Russian, etc.)

Study Abroad

Three hours (minimum) as a study abroad course or international experience as linked to a degree program-specific course, special topics, directed individual study, internship or other means in the student's curriculum.

Electives (6 hours required)

A minimum of 6 hours from a preapproved list of CALS Agriculture-related electives and MSU campus-wide international studies coursework (at least 3 hours must come from CALS list).

More information?

For more information, please contact Jessica Graves.