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A Message from the Director of Development

Will Staggers

Over 300 freshmen enter the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences each fall. They bring with them their hopes, dreams, and aspirations to care for their families and communities. This generation of leaders and those who follow will be faced with historical challenges as we face the future problems of food security and environmental conservation.

By the year 2050, the world's population will increase to 9 billion. This global population will put incredible pressure on the world's farmers to match production with demand. Food production must double and distribution must improve to accommodate the growing population. Issues related to hunger, nutrition and health, and community development will need to be addressed.

There has never been a more pressing time in history to have leaders trained in agriculture and life sciences, scientists to discover ways to increase cultivation while decreasing pests and invasive plants, and extension professionals to share research discoveries. It is an exciting and daunting task at the same time to have the responsibility of training the next generation, knowing the expectations and limitations that will be placed on them in the future. The faculty within the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences are up for the challenge and fully committed to the task of cultivating these future professionals. For we all know that the knowledge and experiences gained by our students give us hope for the future and ensure the health and welfare of our communities, our state, and the world.

The university has embarked on a $1 billion comprehensive capital campaign. Infinite Impact: The Mississippi State University Campaign has the purpose of shaping not only the university, but the future of the world in which we live. This campaign is like no other in our history, and its success will be measured over time as private gifts allow us to make a positive difference on a global scale. The Infinite Impact theme was selected because it conveys the extent of the change Mississippi State University hopes to evoke through the effort as it secures gifts for its long-range strategic plan. The campaign will seek gifts, in particular, for the university's eight academic colleges, which includes the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.

At no other time in history has the need been so great in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. This is true in all areas: teaching, research, and extension. We must train the next generation of leaders in agriculture to feed the growing population. We must develop applicable research to increase food production while decreasing the impacts of climate, pests, and other threats. We must develop methods to ensure a safe and abundant food supply for the population but also for domestic animal production. We must take the science that is developed in our state and then teach it to the world.

And, while the need is great, the resources have become depleted. Federal funding for research has become more competitive and less prolific, and state funding has been exhausted. We need your help to ensure that teaching, research, and extension continue to make an infinite impact in our state, nation, and world. Through the infinite impact campaign, our supporters, alumni, and friends can help us make the world a better place and create a lasting legacy.

Will you make an Infinite Impact today through your gift to the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences? Each and every gift truly makes a difference.

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Will Staggers

Will Staggers

Director of Development

Lacey Gordon

Lacey Gordon

Assistant Director of Development

Amanda Bell

Amanda Bell

Advancement Coordinator

Charlie Weatherly

Charlie Weatherly

Emeritus Director of Development

Thank you for your interest in giving to the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. Establishing a scholarship is a 10-step process, outlined below. If you have any questions, please contact one of our Directors of Development.

  1. Contact the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences to discuss interest.
  2. Receive sample gift agreement from the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and develop selection criteria.
  3. Return gift agreement to the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences with selection criteria and other information indicated. We will create a new gift agreement that indicates the donor's wishes. Academic area and scholarship office may proof and edit also.
  4. The College of Agriculture and Life Sciences will return the edited gift agreement to the donor for signature.
  5. Once the signed gift agreement is received from the donor, document is routed for academic signature (if appropriate) and MSU Foundation signature.
  6. MSU Foundation distributes copies of signed gift agreement to all parties (original is kept on file at the MSU Foundation).
  7. Donor contributions are received and designated to donor scholarship.
  8. After earnings accrue, or annual funds are available, the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Scholarship Committee awards scholarship based on the gift agreement selection criteria.
  9. Students receive the scholarship through the university comptroller (scholarship money is applied to tuition, not awarded directly to student).
  10. Student is encouraged to write donor a letter of thanks.

There are numerous ways to give to Mississippi State and the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences:

MSU Foundation
  1. Outright gifts - generate the most immediate return for your contributions.
  2. Planned gifts - allow you to achieve personal benefits while simultaneously providing invaluable support to the university.
  3. Naming Opportunities - a variety of options exist for donors who wish to pursue naming opportunities.
  4. Donor Advised Fund - allows the donor to make recommendations on donation disbursement.
  5. Make a gift - Click here to start making your own personalized gift immediately with a secure online transaction using your credit card.

Find out more ways to give by visiting the MSU Foundation at