Human Health

Becoming a professional in the medical field is difficult but rewarding. The following majors/concentrations prepare graduates for medical, dental, optometry, or pharmacy school or for careers where compassion and caregiving are part of the job.



If you are searching for a path to dental school and a career in dentistry, this concentration is for you. Our curriculum is specifically designed to prepare you for the Dental Admissions Test and the rigors of dental school.


Your path to medical school begins here, in the biochemistry department. Our curriculum is tailored to prepare you for the rigors of the MCAT and the high demands of medical school.


If you see a future in optometry, this path is your starting point. This concentration gives you the knowledge and tools to prepare you for the Optometry Admissions test and perform well in optometry school.


Enjoy math and chemistry? A career as a pharmacist may be an excellent path for you. This four-year program will prepare you well for the Pharmacy College Admissions Test and for success in pharmacy school.

Food Science, Nutrition & Health Promotion


This concentration is an accredited Didactic Program in Dietetics (DPD) and prepares you for a career with state agencies, in food service, or with major food manufacturers. It will also provide a solid foundation for entering a master’s program to become a registered dietician nutritionist (RDN).

Career Opportunities:

  • Corporate wellness consultant - median annual salary of $55,051
  • Clinical nutritionist - median annual salary of $50,000
  • Food product development scientist - median annual salary of $65,000
  • Humanitarian nutritionist - median annual salary of $53,470


If you are looking for a path to a career in the fast-growing field of medicine and have an interest in nutrition, you are in the right place. This concentration will prepare you to enter medical school or other graduate programs such as nursing, physical therapy, pharmacy, occupational therapy, public health, optometry, podiatry, and others.

Human Development & Family Science

Child Development

Do you have an interest in helping children and supporting families through their children’s developing years? This path will prepare you for careers such as early care and education, parent education, and child advocacy. You will gain hands-on experience in the Child Development and Family Studies Center and have the option to work toward your Mississippi Pre-K license.

Career Opportunities:

  • Extension Agent in Family Services - median salary of $45,379
  • Parent Educator - median salary of $32,560
  • Childcare Center Director - median salary of $47,310
  • Child, Family, and School Social Worker - median salary of $49,150

Child Life

Children have unique healthcare needs, and child life specialists use a unique set of knowledge and skills to work with children in medical settings. This concentration prepares you for a career as a child life specialist through coursework and a clinical internship.

Career Opportunities:

  • Child life specialist - median annual salary of $48,250

Family Science

In this concentration, you will gain an in-depth understanding of societal issues that affect families and be prepared to work in a diversity of governmental, non-profit, religious, and private agencies. Graduates also receive provisional certification through the National Council on Family Relations as Certified Family Life Educators.

Career Opportunities:

  • Human development consultant - median annual salary of $90,900
  • Case manager - median annual salary of $78,970
  • Addiction counselor - median annual salary of $51,600
  • Parent educator - median annual salary of $52,900