Creative Design

According to Psychology Today, creative individuals are remarkable for their ability to adapt to almost any situation and use available resources to reach their goals. The following majors/concentrations allow individuals to flex their creative muscles.

Fashion Design and Merchandising

Design and Product Development

Prepares students to design and produce clothing and accessories from inception to finished product and its ultimate sale to the consumer.

Career Opportunities:

  • Advertising copywriter - median annual salary of $47,830
  • Fashion coordinator - median annual salary of $48,000
  • Product designer - median annual salary of $81,090
  • Visual merchandiser - median annual salary of $39,710


Floral Management

Prepares students to source, purchase, distribute, market, design, and sell floricultural products.

Career Opportunities:

  • Freelance floral designer - median annual salary of $67,840
  • Horticulture therapist - median annual salary of $64,540
  • Specialty visual designer - median annual salary of $61,730
  • Wedding and bridal designer - median annual salary of $73,180

Landscape Architecture

Landscape Architecture

Prepares students to plan and design environmental and cultural landscapes to improve quality of life.

Career Opportunities:

  • Environmental specialist—median annual salary of $71,130
  • Land surveyor—median annual salary of $51,0200
  • Landscape architect—median annual salary of $ 65,760
  • Urban and regional planner—median annual salary of $73,050