According to Psychology Today, creative individuals are remarkable for their ability to adapt to almost any situation and use available resources to reach their goals. If you enjoy the creative process and find fulfillment in a career where you can flex your creative muscles, the following majors/concentrations will allow you to excel in your chosen profession.

Agricultural Education, Leadership & Communication


In this path, you will gain a deep understanding of the agricultural industry while you hone your communications skills. Students who graduate with this concentration may work in a variety of fields, such as public relations, journalism, and social media.

Career Opportunities:

  • Agriculture broadcaster - median annual salary of $45,000
  • Extension agent - median annual salary of $49,770
  • Photojournalist - median annual salary of $37,500
  • Public relations executive - median annual salary of $70,460


Golf and Sports Turf Management

New construction of golf courses and sports facilities has led to a heightened demand for trained golf and sports turf management professionals. Learn the application of science to the integrated management of turfgrasses with a focus on conserving, maintaining, and enhancing our environment.

Career Opportunities:

  • Athletic field manager - median annual salary of $60,175
  • Chemical sales representative - median annual salary of $88,270
  • Golf course superintendent - median annual salary of $89,000
  • Sod farm manager - median annual salary of $51,859



If a plate is your canvas and a kitchen your studio, this major is your path. This degree program blends food science and technology with the culinary arts to prepare you for a variety of in-demand careers in the food industry, from chef to product developer and many more.

Career Opportunities:

  • Chef - median annual salary of $41,500
  • Food scientist - median annual salary of $64,020
  • Ingredient sales manager - median annual salary of $60,140
  • Quality assurance specialist - median annual salary of $53,830

Fashion Design & Merchandising

Design and Product Development

A career in fashion design has many layers beneath the product you see on the runway or the rack. This concentration emphasizes the total design and production process, from inception to the finished product, and involves extensive hands-on experience in all areas of the industry.

Career Opportunities:

  • Advertising copywriter - median annual salary of $47,830
  • Fashion coordinator - median annual salary of $48,000
  • Product designer - median annual salary of $81,090
  • Visual merchandiser - median annual salary of $39,710


Floral Management

Do you see a budding future in floral design? This concentration teaches not only design but all aspects of the floral industry, from sourcing to sales and everything in between.

Career Opportunities:

  • Freelance floral designer - median annual salary of $67,840
  • Horticulture therapist - median annual salary of $64,540
  • Specialty visual designer - median annual salary of $61,730
  • Wedding and bridal designer - median annual salary of $73,180

Landscape Architecture

Landscape Architecture

Get ready to plan and design environmental and cultural landscapes that improve quality of life while sustaining our ecosystems. The BLA program is the only accredited bachelor’s of landscape architecture program in the three-state region of Alabama, Mississippi, and Tennessee.

Career Opportunities:

  • Environmental specialist—median annual salary of $71,130
  • Land surveyor—median annual salary of $51,0200
  • Landscape architect—median annual salary of $ 65,760
  • Urban and regional planner—median annual salary of $73,050

Landscape Contracting & Management

Landscape Contracting and Management

This program will prepare you to become a landscape contractor, working with landscape architects to actualize projects and providing the management and maintenance needed to keep those projects in prime condition after implementation.

Career Opportunities:

  • Land management specialist — median annual salary of $61,110
  • Landscape account manager — median annual salary of $62,920
  • Landscape contractor — median annual salary of $50,100