Climate change, population growth, and changes in land use are just a few of the factors impacting our environment. Conservationists work to manage, improve, and protect natural resources. Employment is projected to grow by seven percent in this field over the next 10 years. If you want to make a difference in protecting and sustaining our planet, these majors/concentrations will let you make an impact.

Agricultural Engineering Technology & Business

Natural Resources and Environmental Management

If you are interested in managing and solving problems in systems that impact our natural resources and the environment, this may be your path. This concentration provides a strong background in resources conservation, hydrogeology, and water quality to prepare you for a career that requires environmental expertise.

Career Opportunities:

  • Conservation scientist - median annual salary of $61,310
  • Crop consultant - median annual salary of $49,840
  • Hydrologist - median annual salary of $79,550
  • Land surveyor - median annual salary of $58,020

Surveying and Geomatics

This path will prepare you for the three-step process—academic training, supervised surveying experience, and testing—to become a registered Land Surveyor in Mississippi. Employment in this field is exceptionally high in both the public and private sector.

Career Opportunities:

  • Construction surveyor — median annual salary of $65,240
  • Forensic surveyor/expert witness — median annual salary of $70,000
  • Geodesist — median annual salary of $54,490
  • Hydrographic surveyor — median annual salary of $39,670


Agricultural and Environmental Soil Science

Humanity depends on healthy soil for food and fiber production, and trained professionals are needed to manage and preserve this precious resource. This concentration will prepare you to enter an in-demand field.

Career Opportunities:

  • Agronomist — median annual salary of $58,600
  • Nursery/greenhouse manager — median annual salary of $46,520
  • Plant breeder — median annual salary of $76,150
  • Soil conservationist — median annual salary of $61,310

Environmental Economics & Sustainability

Environmental Economics and Sustainability

Want to make a living by making a difference? This major combines courses in science, government, and economics to prepare you for a variety of careers in the public and private sector, or for graduate or law school.

Career Opportunities:

  • Environmental consultant - median annual salary of $67,490
  • Project manager - median annual salary of $90,130
  • Resource policy advocate - median annual salary of $112,190
  • Resource manager - median annual salary of $63,455

Environmental Science in Agricultural Systems

Our global agricultural system faces challenges, with the worldwide population projected to reach almost 9 billion by 2050. If you want to be a part of the solution, this major will prepare you for a diversity of careers focused on environmental issues related to agronomic and horticultural production.

Career Opportunities:

  • Air pollution analyst - median annual salary of $63,570
  • Conservation agent - median annual salary of $48,070
  • Environmental consultant - median annual salary of $67,490
  • Hazardous waste manager - median annual salary of $74,150

Landscape Architecture

Landscape Architecture

Get ready to plan and design environmental and cultural landscapes that improve quality of life while sustaining our ecosystems. The BLA program is the only LAAB accredited bachelor of landscape architecture program in the three-state region of Alabama, Mississippi, and Tennessee.

Career Opportunities:

  • Environmental specialist—median annual salary of $71,130
  • Land surveyor—median annual salary of $51,0200
  • Landscape architect—median annual salary of $65,760
  • Urban and regional planner—median annual salary of $73,050