Animal Health (Pre-Vet)

If your animal interest is driven by compassion for animals and the desire to practice veterinary medicine, we have majors that will prepare you for the rigor of veterinary school as demonstrated by our high acceptance rate. Employment of veterinarians is projected to grow 17 percent from 2020-2030.

Animal & Dairy Sciences


Prepare for a rewarding career as you pursue one of the most popular career options for animal lovers. This major provides you to successfully move into a veterinary medicine degree program. As a veterinarian, you will provide medical care for pets, livestock, and other animals and will research, diagnose, and treat medical conditions and diseases.

Pre-Vet Med Tech

As a veterinary technician, you will have a career supporting veterinarians in diagnosing and treating sick and healthy animals, much like a nurse assists a doctor in human healthcare. This two-year program will prepare you to enter the College of Veterinary Medicine's Veterinary Medical Technology degree program.


Pre-Veterinary Medicine

Consider a path to veterinary school with a degree in biochemistry. The curriculum in this concentration will give you a strong background in biochemistry and prepare you for the Graduate Record Examination and the rigors of veterinary school.

Food Science, Nutrition & Health Promotion


Want to make a difference in the food industry and in the lives of people? This path prepares you to become an expert in food safety, prevention and control of disease, and microbiology. It also provides a solid foundation for veterinary school and other professional schools.

Career Opportunities:

  • Food Microbiologist - median annual salary of $64,911
  • Food Safety Manager/Technologist - median annual salary of $58,635
  • Quality Assurance Specialist - median annual salary of $53,909
  • Safe Quality Food Manager - median salary of $56,534

*These are averages as of Jan. 2023

Poultry Science

Science and Pre-Veterinary Science

This path allows you to earn your bachelor’s degree in poultry science while providing the strong pre-vet background you’ll need to succeed in veterinary school or other graduate programs.

Animal Science

As global populations increase, so too does meat consumption. Per capita meat consumption is about 95 pounds per person each year. To meet this growing need, individuals are needed in animal agriculture production. If you like to work with animals but don't want to be a veterinarian, these majors/ concentrations are the perfect fit.



Do you want to manage your own agricultural operation, or consult those who do? Prepare to analyze many issues associated with the distinct characteristics and economics of agricultural production in this concentration.

Career Opportunities:

  • Agribusiness Manager - median annual salary of $64,170
  • Agricultural Economist - median annual salary of $65,480
  • Agronomy sales - median annual salary of $58,600
  • Loan Officer - median annual salary of $63,400

Animal & Dairy Sciences

Production Management

On this path, you will explore management, feeding, breeding, and care for livestock through topics like reproduction, breeding, and nutrition. The program also provides hands-on lab experience and electives, so you can personalize your education to meet your career goals.

Career Opportunities:

  • Breed Association Representative - median annual salary of $43,080
  • Dairy Herd Manager/Owner - median annual salary of $64,130
  • Dairy Inspector - median annual salary of $44,140
  • Extension Agent - median annual salary of $45,550

Poultry Science

Applied Poultry Management

This concentration satisfies all the requirements for a minor in Agribusiness and will prepare you to enter into all areas of the poultry industry with the knowledge necessary to succeed.

Career Opportunities:

  • Feed Mill Manager – median annual salary of $95,549
  • Hatchery Manager - median annual salary of $64,170
  • Broiler Service Technician - median annual salary of $43,380
  • Poultry Processing Supervisor - median annual salary of $64,427