Poultry Science

The Poultry curriculum provides for in-depth study of scientific principles important in the production, processing and marketing of poultry and poultry products. The curriculum is designed with academic and experiential components to ensure that graduates are prepared to manage people and resources vital to this important food industry. Poultry students should also expect to develop creative thinking skills that will allow them to develop solutions for complex real world problems as they develop their careers as managers.

Applied Poultry Management

Prepares students to enter into all areas of the poultry industry with the knowledge necessary to be successful.

Career Opportunities:

  • Complex Compliance Officer - median annual salary of $68,880
  • Feed Mill Manager - median annual salary of $78,815
  • Hatchery Manager - median annual salary of $58,538
  • Poultry Nutritionist - median annual salary of $50,678


Science and Pre-Veterinary Science